Results: ORSC GTA – Member Survey

Dear ORSC GTA members,

1) The survey results are in: (scroll down & on the right to see all responses).
Even if a small number of ORSC practitioners answered, the comments speak clearly about our need to connect, develop our community and grow as ORSC practitioners.

2) Congrats Peggy Brown for winning the book “Creating Intelligent Teams”!

3) I’ve talked in this video about what’s coming up: The video is also on this facebook group wall.

4) Mark your calendars for January 10th, 6-8pm! You’re invited to our first meeting, when we’ll use the ORSC tool “Bringing down the vision” to unfold the next steps we’d like to take in 2017 for our ORSC GTA community.

5) Please vote in this poll to understand your preference for the January 10th meeting (meeting in person or via teleconference):

6) I’m looking for someone who would like to lead the ORSC exercise “Bringing down the vision” at our January 10th meeting. If you’re interested, please let me know. If no one steps up, I’ll lead it myself.

7) If you have experience using “Bringing down the vision”, how much time does it take to go through it?
If we have time, I’d like to have the 1st part of the meeting going through this exercise with ORSC GTA community as a client, and the 2nd part doing the exercise for members (so each of us can get something for our own practice as well).

8) I forgot to mention in the video about the mentoring program: there are members who expressed interest in being a mentor, mentee or both. I will reach out to them directly to discuss the details.

That’s it for now from my side! đŸ™‚
Please comment below, I’d like to hear your opinions and/ or suggestions.

Gabriela Casineanu
ORSC GTA Community Builder


About orscgta

We are a community of ORSC* practitioners in the Greater Toronto Area, trained in Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) by CRR Global – an ICF accredited coach training school. ORSC is an integrated and robust coaching model based on Relationship Systems Intelligence™.
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