ORSC GTA – May virtual meeting with Nick Weiss

You’re invited!
Join us for the ORSC GTA virtual meeting on May 9th, from 3 to 5 pm.
This time our guest speaker will be Nicki Weiss (http://www.saleswise.ca)!
Nicki has a background in Sales, Sales Training, and Sales Leadership, and she relied on ORSC tools for building her business from nothing to significant. You can definitively say that Nicki knows how to sell! 🙂
For the first 45 min. I will be interviewing Nicki on: 
– what she considered the missing component of bringing ORSC tools into the business world
– how she built a successful business based on ORSC  
– her approach to getting leaders sign up their companies for one-year coaching (including elements of great proposals and contracts)
– how she helped an organization from within.
Prepare your questions, since Nicki will answer as many as she can in the remaining time.
Due to technical issues, this virtual meeting might not be recorded. Please come ready to take notes, if you feel inclined to.
(or http://bit.ly/ORSC-GTA-May if you prefer a shorter link)
Gabriela Casineanu
ORSC GTA Community Holder


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ORSC GTA (virtual) meeting: April 6

The ORSC GTA April meeting will be on April 6th, 2017, from 4 to 5:30 pm EDT. This will be a virtual meeting, with Fernando Lopez as a guest speaker presenting the Deep Democracy in a Virtual Setting.

About our guest speaker:

FernandoFernando Lopez, PCC, CPCC, ORSCC is the president of Bridgespace Consulting Inc., an executive coaching and facilitation firm that specializes in helping clients create the space for powerful collaboration. He coaches (in English or Spanish) clients in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Fernando’s mission is finding often-surprising solutions to leadership and relationship challenges. He is a faculty member of CRR Global and the Coaches Training Institute. Motivated by discovering innovative coaching approaches and sharing them with others, he has presented his work at international conferences in North America, Europe, and New Zealand. 

About the ORSC GTA April (virtual) meeting:

If you attended the ORSC Intelligence* course, you may remember the large group process in Deep Democracy. You loved it, hated it, or something in between. Either way, it was likely a bit of a mystifying experience.

Come to this session to get a new insight into what Deep Democracy really is. We will have a short deep democracy process in the Virtual Room, debrief the method used, and allow time for Q&A. This will also be an opportunity to experience the Bridgespace Virtual room.

“Deep Democracy is that special feeling of belief in the inherent importance of all parts of ourselves and all viewpoints in the world around us… it must not be limited to inner peace or outer equilibrium but must apply to real situations where there are chaos and attack, transformation and conflict…
Deep Democracy is our sense that the world is here to help us become our entire selves and that we are here to help the world become whole.”       Arny Mindell

Meeting registration and technical details:

For the actual meeting, you will have to use your computer (PC or Mac) because you will need to log into 2 separate platforms: Zoom and Bridgespace Virtual room.
The Virtual room can be accessed only via computer (PC or Mac), phones and iPads are not allowed.

Here are the technical details about this meeting:

Time and Date: Thursday, April 6, 4 to 5:30 pm EDT

RSVP for this meeting (Zoom platform allows verbal & video communication between facilitator and participants): https://zoom.us/webinar/register/ad7e92799b96e7cdcde7dc3c8da9331e

Virtual Room login (where the Deep Democracy exercise will take place during the meeting):
URL: http://ddo.bridgespace.ca
Login credentials: Use “gta” as the Room id, and use your own first name.
Important: In order to avoid last minute technical difficulties, please take a minute now to ensure your computer loads the URL above. If you click on it and you only get a grey screen, it means you need to download and install Flash Player first (from here and follow the instructions). If you have any questions or difficulties, send a message to orscgta@gmail.com or via Contact form.
Once you have tested the URL above, please shoot a quick email to say you’re “ready“!

*You can attend this ORSC GTA virtual meeting even if you didn’t attend the ORSC Intelligence course. Instructions about the Deep Democracy process will be given during the meeting.

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ORSC GTA meeting – March 7



  • Practice ORSC Tools: Inner/ Outer/ Ghost Roles, Secret Selves, Time spirits
  • Share & Network
  • ORSC GTA & members updates.

Fee: $10 (you can choose “Other payment option” if you’d like to pay at the door)

Registration: https://orscgta_mar7.eventbrite.ca


  • Northern District Library, Room 224 ABC
  • 40 Orchard View Boulevard, Toronto, M4R 1B9

Looking forward to welcoming you!

Gabriela Casineanu,

ORSC GTA Community Builder

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Anne Hurtubise’s presentation (audio recording)

Dear ORSC GTA members,

Our first ORSC GTA virtual meeting went very well on February 7th, no technology glitches. Yey!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Anne Hurtubise, our guest speaker, for sharing the strategies she used for building her successful coaching business! Besides being really helpful and informative, her presentation was also a model on how to captivate the audience with useful information, challenge them to take action and ask for business in a non-salesy way.

Anne allowed me to share with you the audio recording of her presentation (could also be downloaded, 42Mb):

We have some interesting topics for the next meetings, stay tuned! 🙂
Recording might not always be available, for various reasons.

Warm regards,
Gabriela Casineanu
ORSC GTA Community builder

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ORSC GTA virtual meeting: February 7th, 6:30-8:30 pm


Join us for our first OTSC GTA virtual meeting of February 7th, 6:30-8:30 pm via Zoom!

Meeting agenda:

  • Presentation Get Business: from Proposal to Results
  • Q & A session
  • ORSC GTA brainstorming (members needs and challenges)

Based on her extensive experience in helping senior leaders, managers and their teams to achieve outstanding performance, Anne Hurtubise will present a case study that illustrates her whole process from creating a winning proposal to getting results!

Anne has over 9000 hours of professional coaching, is certified by Adler School, CTI and CRR Global (Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching), trained in Emotional Intelligence, Team Diagnostic and 360 assessment tools, among others. More about Anne: http://eicor.com

To register for this virtual meeting:


Let me know if you have any question.
Looking forward to “see” you on February 7th!
Gabriela Casineanu
ORSC GTA Community Builder


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Outcomes of the January 10th ORSC GTA meeting …

  • Using the ORSC tool “Bring Down the Vision”, we came up with two “imaginary creatures”: for ORSC GTA member and ORSC GTA (3rd entity).
    The ORSC GTA appeared to be present at the Essence & Dreaming Levels, but scattered in Consensus Reality (missing the “glue” to bring it together). Brainstorming the ORSC GTA’s needs and challenges, we captured everything in the mind map attached.

    What do you think? Did we miss something? What would you add? Modify?
    (Later on, we’ll explore the symbol for ORSC GTA member: Eagle)orsc-gta-2017
  • Before adding the ORSC GTA’s Vision to the website, we invite you to chip in. Here’s the version we have for now, with 3 points.
    1. Use ORSC concepts and methods to build a stronger and vibrant ORSC community in GTA (to walk our talk).
    2. Increase the ORSC impact on the GTA community at large (with a ripple effect into the world) by empowering ORSC GTA members to do more great work.
    3. Create a structure that facilitates lobbying for ORSC in the private and non-profit sectors, so ORSCers’ proposals get more easily accepted.

Feedback, comments, and suggestions are welcomed! 🙂

Gabriela Casineanu
ORSC GTA Community Builder
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Message from the 3rd entity of ORSC GTA! :-)


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ORSC GTA meeting: January 10th, 6-8pm

Mark your calendar!
The first ORSC GTA meeting in 2017 will be on January 10th, from 6 to 8pm.
  • Networking with other participants
  • Bring Down the Vision” exercise with ORSC Community in GTA as client
  • Create an action plan for ORSC Community in GTA (the exercise outcome)
  • Brainstorm how this tools can be used with individuals.
Open meeting:
  • Feel free to invite guests who might be interested in learning such a powerful tool (Bring Down the Vision). It works magic even on one-person business.
  • $10  (covers room rent & material costs)
  • Pay at the door cash or credit card
Looking forward to meeting you on January 10th!
Gabriela Casineanu
ORSC GTA Community Builder
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New: ORSC GTA – Mentoring Program


Great news!!! The Mentoring Program of ORSC GTA Community is starting … today!
– Emails sent to those who were interested (4 mentors & 4 mentees) to fill out a short survey that helps in finding the right “match”. Thanks for stepping up!
– If you didn’t fill out the ORSC GTA members’ survey, but you’d still like to join the new mentoring program, please answer the appropriate survey:
Mentor: https://goo.gl/forms/Da91ckiP7AEShgSN2
Mentee: https://goo.gl/forms/IdaiqRYnPPnKILAC2
– If you’d like to be a mentoring coach (use ORSC tools to help the mentoring relationships get a good start & be successful), contact us!

Gabriela Casineanu
ORSC GTA Community Builder

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Results: ORSC GTA – Member Survey

Dear ORSC GTA members,

1) The survey results are in: http://bit.ly/ORSCGTAsurvey (scroll down & on the right to see all responses).
Even if a small number of ORSC practitioners answered, the comments speak clearly about our need to connect, develop our community and grow as ORSC practitioners.

2) Congrats Peggy Brown for winning the book “Creating Intelligent Teams”!

3) I’ve talked in this video about what’s coming up: http://bit.ly/orscgtasurveyvideo The video is also on this facebook group wall.

4) Mark your calendars for January 10th, 6-8pm! You’re invited to our first meeting, when we’ll use the ORSC tool “Bringing down the vision” to unfold the next steps we’d like to take in 2017 for our ORSC GTA community.

5) Please vote in this poll to understand your preference for the January 10th meeting (meeting in person or via teleconference):

6) I’m looking for someone who would like to lead the ORSC exercise “Bringing down the vision” at our January 10th meeting. If you’re interested, please let me know. If no one steps up, I’ll lead it myself.

7) If you have experience using “Bringing down the vision”, how much time does it take to go through it?
If we have time, I’d like to have the 1st part of the meeting going through this exercise with ORSC GTA community as a client, and the 2nd part doing the exercise for members (so each of us can get something for our own practice as well).

8) I forgot to mention in the video about the mentoring program: there are members who expressed interest in being a mentor, mentee or both. I will reach out to them directly to discuss the details.

That’s it for now from my side! 🙂
Please comment below, I’d like to hear your opinions and/ or suggestions.

Gabriela Casineanu
ORSC GTA Community Builder

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